About Us

Before MaxieHost we were just like most of our clients, looking for affordable hosting with a good support base to go with it. We never could find a host that could offer us what we needed. Most are either too expensive, have limited features or poor support.

It was after a while we realised if we wanted quality hosting we had to deliver it our selves, we decided to start up our own hosting company, bringing our clients the quality and service they needed at a price that is affordable. Hence, MaxieHost was born dedicated to all our clients needs and bringing them the best web hosting a experiance money can buy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients both personal and business with top quality web hosting at affordable prices. We aim to support our clients in every way possible and that is why we focus heavily in this department to offer you great services.

Our Standards

24x7x365 Online Support
Online support is the key element to a successful web hosting company. Every client has one question or another, online support is our first priority.

99.5% Uptime Guarantee
Uptime is also a key element to a successful web hosting company. No client wants to see their website offline. We ensure that every effort is made to keep our servers healthy and online atleast 99.5% of every month. To ensure a quality of service we do reboot our servers 1-2 times a month when the server usage is at a minimum.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
For 30 days after joining us, if your not satisfied with the service we are providing we will refund you within 24 hours. NO Questions Asked!

cPanel Based Control Panel
We are running the latest in cPanel Software. cPanel is one of the simplest control panels available to use and yet has a wide variety of advanced features.

Free Software
All hosting cliets recieve access to Fantastico Software. This brings many different scripts for each client to use.

Our Servers
All our servers are made to our specification, we use new components for all our servers which are proven to be long lasting and of a high quality. We house our servers in a high security datacentre and monitor them 24x7x365 to ensure they are all running smoothly and efficiently. When it comes to our servers we spare no expence in upgrading when the time calls for it.

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